Programming services

I have the know-how and necessary TruTops licenses to programm following Trumpf Maschines.

* Punching and combined machines with or without automatization.

* Bend machines with or without Bend Master robot.

* 2-D Laser Machines.

* Tube machines for the proccesing of tubular profiles. 
I also offer my services in cases of bottlenecks or replacing programmers in companies in specific cases, for example, in case the programmer is in a sick or accident leave, vacation or in cases in which the programmer decides to change company, or just in case you decide to outsource this task.

Software Training for the company Trumpf


As an accredited trainer I offer training services for the company Trumpf through its training school in Germany or through subsidiaries corresponding country where the end customer is.

Fernando Salinas

Telefon: +491726146878



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