Trumpf Maquinaria S.A.

Date:October 2007- February 2011
Location: Madrid (Spain)


1- Training of customers and service technicians forTruTops programming system in the various technologies for the production of sheets and pipes.
Since 01/01/2009 Responsible for the area of​​ quality training and planning of customer training

2-Software Support.Telephone counseling of clients requests to the mentioned Programmingsystem, inconveniences with the software installation and connection of equipment to the network.

Trumpf Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH

Dates: February 2011-April 2013
Location: Leonberg (Germany)

Training customers in TruTops programming system in folding and punching technologies, providing both basic courses, technology, updates, expert courses and courses for customers with machines equipped with automated systems BendMaster (folding) or with SheetMaster (punching). These courses were mostly imparted in the german head office in German language and exceptionally by customer facilities in the both in German and in English languages.

Fernando Salinas

Telefon: +491726146878



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